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Liz Schrader turns her theater and television stage makeup and scenery detailing experience into FUN FOR YOUR FAMILY EVENT! Liz's face painting has been generating smiles for many years, with a special kid-friendly painting style. Kids (of all ages) love the designs, and the grown-ups are always happy. Everything is hand-painted -- no decals, stencils or short-cuts -- so each individual wears a little piece of art created just for them. It's educational because the kids love to watch, and ask questions, as the designs are painted.

Not only is Liz wonderful and gentle with the children, but the paints themselves are the safest, highest-quality, non-toxic face paints money can buy. And while painting, Liz routinely sterlizes brushes, paints, hands and workspace.

Liz has a long, successful history of brightening events of all kinds from Philadelphia to Nashville, and now in Yuma AZ. She wants to make you and your little ones happy too!

Based near the Yuma Swap meet, Liz travels to events all over the greater Yuma area.

Invite Miz Liz Face Painter to be part of your event. You'll be so glad you did!