Mama Liz Fortune Teller Nashville

Yuma, AZ


Mama Liz brings years of entertainment
and Fortune Telling experience to your
special event.

Insightful and Fun!

Philosophy: Mama Liz believes that everyone is the master of their own destiny. There are no 'doom and gloom' readings. One can always take positive steps once they are shown how forces in the universe are influencing them at the moment. Mama Liz can read how a person can take advantage of those forces using a number of Divining Tools, including:

  • Tarot/Oracle Cards:
    • Golden Tarot
    • Healing With the Angels Oracle
    • Osho Zen Tarot
    • Lord of the Rings Oracle
    • Celtic Shapshifter Tarot
    • Morgan's Tarot original (1970s)
    • Tarot of Light (© raderarts)
  • Palmistry
  • I Ching
  • Bibliomancy:
    • King James Bible
    • Upanishads
    • Teachings of the Bhudda

CONTACT: MamaLiz@raderarts.com